How to Use Video & Social Media to Market Yourself as A Writer and/or Sell More Books

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Dear Fellow Writer,
I’m about to reveal right here and right now, how you can sell an insane amount of your books without hardly lifting a finger!

I know, I know. You’re probably thinking it’s a bunch of B.S., but if you will just indulge me for the next 7 minutes...I’ll show you how you’re using these 2 EXACT things already, but leaving a lot of book profits and notoriety on the table.
As a matter of fact, it’s almost laughable how many aspiring writers and authors do these 2 things just about everyday (some people do it all day) and don’t have one book sale to show for it. 
I’ll tell you what they both are in a moment, but first let me ask you a quick question: 
"What Kind of Writer Are You Exactly? "
No matter how you slice it, there’s really only two types of writers/authors on this planet.

So the real question is, “which one are you?”
Are You Writer A That:
Spends months on end trying to complete your books, novels, short stories and more? I’m talking about the kind of writer that has stared at so many blank white pages that you could probably go blind in one eye!
You actually dread looking at your keyboard because every time you do, it just reminds you of your current and ongoing failures. But that’s not even the biggest issue.
The real issue is the fear that you’ll write and finish that book only for it to end up with 2 sales.
One from your mom and the other from your grandma-ma.
But don’t worry. I’ll show you how to overcome that in a moment.
Or Are You Writer B That:
Has absolutely no problems writing a book. Heck, I’m sure you probably write some of the best material out there that rivals some of the greatest authors known today like James Patterson and J.K. Rowling. 
But there’s only one problem.
While you have no problem completing your books, once they are finished they just wind up in book selling purgatory.
Starting a continuous downward spiral with little to no sales.….again!!!!!
I’m sure You know what I’m talking about.
But don’t worry my friend, there’s hope for you yet.
Or Maybe You’re The Exception:
That makes a ton of book sales on demand and doesn’t have any problem getting their work out to the masses that so desperately wants and needs it to be entertained or informed.
If that’s you, congratulations. You made it. But even so, I’m sure you’d still want more books sales than you’re currently getting now right? I’m sure you do!
"No Matter Which Type of Writer You Are, Living The Writer’s Life Dream Is Closer Than You Think!"
See, once you know exactly how to get more book sales than ever, then no matter what type of writer you are, you’ll be churning out some of your best work ever like a possessed factory worker on steroids!

And with that being said, you’ll be ready to live the life you’ve always dreamed about when you first decided to pursue your writing passion.
For some people, that means traveling the world and seeing all the beauty and culture it has to offer. For others, it’s getting the fame, notoriety, and respect you finally deserve for all your hard work you’ve dedicated to your craft.  
And for others, it’s neither. It’s just having the sheer enjoyment of doing what you love while spending time with family.
No matter what your desire is, the writer’s life can help you achieve it. But to do that you actually need to SELL books. And sell a ton of them.
And I want to show you how anyone can do that starting today.
Pay Very Close Attention.
Because Grasping This Next ‘A-ha’ Moment Can Mean The Difference In An Insane Amount of Book Sales or Missing Out Forever. 
Remember when I said earlier that you’re already doing this most likely everyday, but just doing it wrong? Or better yet, you’re not even thinking of using this for selling your books.

Ok, maybe I’m jumping ahead of myself. Maybe you are doing it or you’ve even thought about it.
But even if you’ve attempted this, you’re most likely frustrated because you’re not seeing the results you want and know you can achieve with selling your books.
That’s because there’s some ‘secret sauce’ that goes into this process.
Ok, so what two things am I talking about?
Simple. Video and Social Media.
Now before you think, “I already know that”, then let me ask you a question.
If you already know that, how come it’s not working for you? Or better yet, how’s that working out for you?
Obviously not the best because you’re here right now, reading this letter looking for the solution right?
Sure, maybe you’ve put a few posts up on your Facebook Timeline or even posted to a few groups, but you were flabbergasted to see no sales come in.
Or worse, you posted a video of yourself talking about your book release, but you only got 6 views and those came from you refreshing the video on YouTube!
Friend, I’d like to show you how to change that right here and right now.
And I’d like to show you using nothing more than the phone you have in your back pocket along with the sites you visit everyday.
I’ve painstakingly detailed every step so that even a complete newbie can follow along and start to sell more of their books than ever.
And it’s so simple, you’ll kick yourself for not doing this sooner...
"How to Use Video & Social Media to Market Yourself as A Writer and/or Sell More Books"
And It’s The #1 Way To Sell A Ton of Books Using Social Media and Your Smartphone Hands Down!
Right now as we speak, there are millions of people who are your potential book buyers looking for what you’ve created.

Can they find you and purchase your book?  Most likely not.
And that’s why I created "How to Use Video & Social Media to Market Yourself as A Writer and/or Sell More Books".
To help you make it easier for these people to find all of your best work and whip out their credit card and purchase every single book you’ve ever written!
You’ll find that after you sign up today, you’ll easily be able to follow along with this one of a kind training that you can devour in one sitting.
We’ve put everything together in a simple follow video seminar format along with a downloadable pdf containing all the slides from the training.
Here’s Just A Small Sample of What You’ll 
Learn Starting In The Next 5 Minutes…
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And the best part? You can watch it whenever you want or around your busy schedule.
Prefer to watch it at 2AM on a Sunday? No problem. Want to watch it at 5PM while sitting at football practice with little Johnny? No problem at all.
I could go on and on, but instead let’s take a quick look inside the training. Here’s a snippet of what you’ll learning in only a few moments from now:
  • A Marketing Technique Old As Time Itself that generations have used to inspire people to action, keep history alive, or even just plain ol' connect with the people they were telling it to.

    You’ve already been around this technique for as long as you might remember. I’d almost even wager you’ve used it with friends, family, and more.   

    I want to show you how to use it to help market yourself as a writer or sell a ton of books in the process. 
  • How To Create Amazing Video On The Cheap using that little smartphone in your purse or your back pocket.   

    You’ll see how it’s more than a contraption to keep up with the latest gossip or text. What you have in your hands has the ability to create and connect with all of your existing and potential market and readers! 
  • The Secret Hacks I Use To Look Like A Hollywood Director that gives my videos the perfect shine and connectivity with my audience. 

    I'll show you how to give your audience the perspective you want them to have while drawing them into your video to make them feel as if there with you in the flesh! 
  • Simple DIY Lighting Hacks On The Cheap that you can find at your local hardware store, but will help make your videos look like they’ve been recorded by a super expensive camera. 

    You won’t believe how you could have a perfect lighting system for under $20! 
  • The No Fail Planning Method I Use to make sure that every video I create practically goes as seamless as possible with ease. 

    Using this method will ensure you create and edit your videos faster than ever. Now you’ll be able to get as much video content done in half the time! 
  • How To Market On Social Media Easily with this step by step method that shows you EXACTLY how to proceed after you’ve created the videos that I show you how to do in record time.
  • The 3 Sites You Must Use in your social and marketing strategies that can bring you a ton of visitors and sales to just about any book you publish or content you write!
  • The One Site That Let’s You Broadcast For Free and create a channel that people can watch as if they’re watching your very own show with on demand access.
  • The #1 Site You Should Definitely Be Using AFTER you use the top social media site online. You most likely don’t know what it is and even if you do, are you using it correctly? 

    Most people are leaving a lot of potential followers on the table by not incorporating this into their marketing strategy. Don’t let that be you. 
  • The Simple Yet Powerful Engagement Tracking you must be doing on the sites you’re using your social media strategies on. 

    I’ll show you how to make since of all the numbers and data that looks like an alien language to most!   
  • How To Know If What You’re Doing Is Actually Working and if it’s not, knowing exactly how to change and turn it around in your favor!
  • And So Much More that even with everything I’ve listed above, I haven’t even scratched the surface of all the awesome content you’ll receive on this powerful yet easy to follow training.
And as I said earlier, you can watch it on your own time whenever and wherever you want. 

Watch it from your desktop, laptop, tablet or even your phone! Because this is an online training seminar (in video format) created specifically for writers, you can watch it as many times as you want and from as many different devices as you want. 

We've made accessing the information easy and convenient for you.
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I am so convinced that "How to Use Video & Social Media to Market Yourself as A Writer and/or Sell More Books" can help you sell a ton more books that you’re currently selling, that I’m going to put my money where my mouth is. 

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All I ask is that you do what’s inside and give this a fair shot. Deal? 
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I only wish I’d had access to this information when I first started out. I would have saved myself thousands of dollars not to mention all the obstacles and hurdles I’ve had to overcome.

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You don’t need to fly to some remote location, spend all kinds of godforsaken hours cramped up in some seminar room to learn how to boost your profits and book sales. 

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